Robot bypasses "open apps" state and goes straight to "get work" state. Studio does not do this

The build is set to go to open apps (where i have added several message boxes for debugging), read a config file, and then move to get work.

When I run in studio, this runs no problem. Gets config info and moves on.

I publish the development to an ATTENDED robot (no orchestrator involved) and I update the package, press run and the robot log show that it bypasses everything within open apps entirely.

I’ve tried on different environments, tested with different mini-builds and everything works fine except this actual build via robot.

Please help! Exhausted all my options and this is for a client.

Thank you.

Perhaps try making a process with just that open apps state to see if it functions at all on it’s own first.

Do you use the current directory at any point? When published the project file moves so maybe the current directory would be different.

Have you tried to Open Project in Studio and debug in target machine?

I have already tried this and no joy unfortunately.

I checked the location of the packaged file and it does not move from the established package nuget folder.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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Yes I have. The problem does not present itself in studio, only robot. Unfortunately.

No worries.
Could you anonymise the workflow file and share it by any chance?

I cannot. The client holds the build and I remotely connect to it.

I had another look at it this morning. It seems as though if I take the activities and put them into a new state machine, under a new file name, and publish that - it works no problem through robot. Has anyone ever encountered this? Is this perhaps a bug in uipath?

It’s possible, i’ve experienced similar things but long ago in older versions. Perhaps in moving it over you fixed the issue, maybe it was a problem with one of the transitions from the state machine?