Robot access to other folder's assets

Hey everyone, i have a question about a robot access to assets on other modern folders.
I created a robot which should read and should edit assets from other modern folders. I created a role for it, where it has permissions to read, create and edit assets and added the robot user with that role on the folders needed. My problem is that the robot is automatically added as a robot on those folders and it messes up with the other processes in those folders.

I need the robot to only have unattended robot role on its folder only, and on the rest folders only permission to read,edit,create assets without it appearing as a robot on those folders.

Could anyone help?


Please check the role properly…and seggregate it…in the roles you would have added all access to processes and all


Hey @Anil_G , thanks for your response. I did check and i when i was adding my robot user to the other foldrs i removed the robot role, i gave only the Asset Changer role(which i created and gave only permissions to edit,create assets and nothing else). Thats why i am asking here


Go to the tenant → Robot → Click on sheild Icon

Check if it has got any inherited roles from the folder or from tenant