Robo should break after getting value and should not go for 2nd and 3rd criteria

Hi Friends,
Here is the scenarios:-

First of all i have to read the value from excel and go to one browser and then fetch the value using first criteria if the value is not get then robot should be fetch value using second criteria,and if the value is not fetch then robot should use third criteria.

  • in case,if robo able to fetch the value using first criteria then i have to break and robo should not go for second and third criteria.after that robo should take second value from excel
  • here which condition or flag used so that robot should not search using 2nd and 3rd criteria.
  • kindly help me for above problem.

Hi @Rup_1

As per my opinion you can go for nested if (complicated), flow decision ll also be good.

Assume you have linear conditions, where your flow always start with 1st condition, save result in one flag check flag value if true jump to next else
Go to 2nd if true jump, else go for 3rd condition.

Hope this will help
You can check flow decision here

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Using flow decisions and creating a boolean variables u can check the conditions and use the criteria

Hi naitik.s

Thanks for your responce and i think above solution will help to me kindly find my workflow suggest Main.xaml (769.0 KB)
EtsExpress_InputData.xlsx (7.8 KB)