How to break the loop take next value

Hi friends,
Here is my scenario:-
when i launch my workflow then first of all robot open a website and Type the number to get the data and matching according to condition, if the condition is satisfy then fetch that data and it should be break and robot should be able to take next value from excel.

  • if the condition is not satisfy then robot should be again check data using some condition.
    -how to achieve this.

Please consider using Flow decision activity.

But what condition should i write so that the robo will fetch data and then break the loop and then take next value from excel (like flag)

You may try with Break activity.

if (what ever your condition) then

Break activity

End if

I don’t understand your requirements of your project, but you should do what was suggested in a Flowchart. What you can do is place the Flowchart inside a Foreach, so you can iterate each row in your Excel file so you can perform different tasks on the row based on the results from the website.

I put this snippet together really quick so show an example of how to use the Flowchart in a Foreach:

The condition in the decision can be like string1.Trim = “text”
where string1 is the variable that was returned by the Get Text which you got from the website.