Rn command- win+r in citrix is not working

Though I make my citrix window full screen I am unable to invoke run command .It just types r without windows command.I know this because it is selecting recycle bin on desktop.

Hey @niteesh2004

I have faced the same issue with latest Xendesktop Citrix and raised this concern with uipath team already.

for now to do the same work i.e. run command here it is a workaround and it is working for me by using some hot keys and type into activity in an attached window.

  1. Fire a hot key - ctrl+esc ( Will open windows explorer).
  2. type into - run ( bydefault cursor will be there so by using type inot type “run”)
  3. Fire a hot key - enter

Let me know the result or doubts you have.



Thank you Very much Akshay. Steps given by you worked and I could open my application in citrix.