Right Click To Create Variable Not Working in Studio


I’m going through the foundation training and shows right-clicking in the properties pane as a shortcut to create a variable. I’ve tried on two different computers and right-clicking doesn’t pull up any menu. The keyboard shortcut of ctrl-k doesn’t work either. I always have to use the “variables” tab in the main window to create variables.


P.S. I just downloaded and installed UIPath Studio so I am running 2018.3.1

Right click in the properties panel yes, but its the box where you want the variable is where you have to right click :slight_smile:

The ctrl+k option works when you click into the box where you want to create a variable and do a ctrl+k (same logic as above)

Saved you all the time to go to the panel :sunglasses:

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No right-clicking works for me in the properties pane, only in the main workflow pane can I right-click and have a menu pop up.

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Right click dosent work when you click anywhere in the pane
You have to click the empty box where you want a a variable and then right click

Let me break it down for you:
State 1: I have not done anything so it looks like this

State 2: I clicked the text box

State 3 : I right click into the box


I see what I was missing. Right-clicking in the box doesn’t work unless you first left click in the box.


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Bingo! :dart:

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