Why in Ui Explorer right mouse click do not create a veriables?

Hi colleagues, I can’t find why my Ui Explorer (latest version 22.4.5), instead of (example1):
I see (Example2):
Where I may configure it?

I’ve tried to do the same as your examples. And in UI Explorer u can’t create variable. You can create variable only when you are editing the indicated UI element using UI Explorer(not the 1 from the main panel of the Uipath where you design your workflow).

Thanks, for your responding, but as you can see in the Example1 it is possible in some case. And I remember that in previous version I was able to create any Variables strait from the Ui Explorer. now it is just wrong option for right click mouse button.

UI Explorer is separate from Studio and has no awareness of your project, if you’ve opened it using the button at the top of the Studio window. If you’re getting to UI Explorer by editing a selector and clicking the UI Explorer icon, then it has awareness (which is why you see the Save/Cancel buttons) of your project.

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