In Orchestrator queue if any records got failed will it works for next record


1.In Orchestrator queue if 5th record got failed how retry works, will it works for 5th record to solve it or will moves to 6th record…

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Hii @Chippy_Kolot

If MaxRetryNumber > 0, the robot will retry the same transaction which failed with application exception first and then it will process remaining transactions.

Else it will process remaining records. And also it must be integer.

Note: Must be 0 if working with Orchestrator queues.



If you put a retry number in Orchestrator Queues, then It will process only the 5th record until you gave the retry number

So, check you have given the Retry number in Orchestrator as well as Config Constants sheet also MaxRetryNumber as 0

If you didn’t give any Retry Number in Orchestrator or MaxRetryNumber in Config, Then after processing 5th record, it will move to 6th record

Hope this may help you


Hi, @Chippy_Kolot

If you have enabled retry option in the queues .
Any queue item that faces system exception will be processed at last.

for example , lets say you have total 5 queue items , and the 1st queue item faced an exception , then this will retried at the end of processing of 5 queue items only.

Lets say if the error occured in the last queue item , then it will be retried immediately if there are no other queue items in the queue