Retry the activity when it throws a 'Read Request quota reached the limit' in gsuite activity using Retry Scope

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I have these activity where I read a google sheet file then copy its range then paste it to excel. This process was scheduled to run every 1 hour and I encounter some problems where sometimes it throws an error that “Read Request Quota reached the limit” in a gsuite read range activity. I’m aware that I should rerun it after 60 secs but I do it manually and now I want to do it automatically using the retry scope. I already put my activity into Action panel of the retry scope but what should I put inside the Condition panel of the Retry Scope if I want to catch the “Read request quota reached the limit”?


We can know which exception occurs using GetType as the following. Can you try this then set it as exception type?



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I’ve actually done it in my projects too where I have a lot of Read Google Spreadsheets in a row. In my case I dont give any condition, since any error I want it to be retried.



For RetryInterval since I’ve a few of Read Google Spreadsheets activities in a row, I give it 30 secs. But in your case since the activity only occurs once every hour, you could give it 60 secs.

Do note that the Read Request Quota is associated with the same account, so if you have a few robots running at the same time using GSuite activities with the same account, it will add to the quota as well.

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You can use try catch around the activity catch the error…either match the type or exception or the exception.message contains the message and you can use a if condition and throw error from catch if the mesaage contains quote limit exceeded…and enclose try catch in a retry scope so that it catches the error and will retry…

And it is worth nothing you that you might use multi bot…may be to handle try increasing the retrun interval a little more

Hope this helps