Retry splitting on REF

Hello all ,
Im using REF under process transaction the robot will retry if item failed
i want to split this blocks so i dont retry the whole process

i have all my prcess flows under work flow process!

what is the best practices here do i split every flow with sperate retry under the process workflow!

Or make the retry in the Process transaction!

my flows under process workflow

Best regards


as you have all the idividual onces nvoked inside process and if somethign fails you want to only retry that part…inside the process.xaml surround each part with separate retry scope so that only those are retried and if failed it will still continue to next trasaction without next steps


If you want to use Orchestrator retries, something like this would work:

This way if the item is retried from Orchestrator, it will start processing from correct place.

Note the Assign on transactionItem.Progress, it’s important as Set Transaction Progress activity does not update the transaction property on the item (only in Orchestrator).

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Thanks boths,
i will try both i already have setup a progress after each flow :slight_smile:

and seems both are correct ways to do it

Hi i just have an issue when i use if i cant use elseif on the same level !

on my activities i have if and else if !

Is im missing activates here?


Use Else If activity instead of If.

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