Recover step

Hi team,
i’ve a question for you.
How can i handle the recover between the various steps considering the use of REFramework?

Let me explain better…

During the process i’ve some specific step and in case of exception i want to retry the transaction but, assume for example, from the second step, as a save is made at the end of the first step.

how can you handle, in the right way, this situation?

Thanks in advance

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Usually REFramework works in the same way
On failer being application exception the transaction will get processed from Init state and being business exception it will be retried from Get Transaction state

And individually if you want to retry on specific activity inside the workflow then you can still keep it in RETRY scope or TRY CATCH block to retry them to the number of times we want. And then proceed to next transaction

Cheers @andreus91

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have a look on the set progress functionality. Maybe you can incorporate it e.g set part progress after each sucessfully step and continue from there in a case of retry

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Thanks @Palaniyappan,

just to clarify, i meant inside the process.xaml, and not all the REF logic.

Considering that i have 10 steps inside the process doing different operations on different systems, so hypothetically i invoke 10 (one for steps) different xaml, but (again, just for example) if the step 5 failed, i need to retry the transaction but starting from the step 2 (2nd invoke inside process) and so on…

I don’t know if I was clear but in the meantime, every contribution is precious…


It’s possible if you have kept in FLOW DIAGRAM

At the end of each block in a flow diagram include a Boolean flag
Use a Flow decision and if it fails loop it to the second or first block in the flow diagram
If it succeed then proceed to next block


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more than a boolean I should catch the exception, in that specific step, and start over from the step I need…
I’m still quite confused on how to manage it in a way that follows best practices, thanks anyway for the ideas guys

We can actually get the exception as well
Provided we have surround the block of activity with TRY CATCH activity in the flowchart
So if any exception comes it will go to CATCH block where we can keep both the BOOLEAN FLAG and get the exception details with exception.Source and exception.Message