Retrieving values from a drop down using image automation

#Image Automation

I am trying to retrieve the contents from a drop down and select a particular value from the drop down based on my requirement.

I tried using hotkeys to display the drop down and tried to retrieve the value through “copy selected” but I was unable to get the values.

The screen where this has to be implemented is attached.

Any better approach ??
Please help out

Can you try with set to clicb board and get from clip board instead of copy selected

Let us know if it helps,

Pavan H

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Hello Pavan,

I need to retrieve the values displayed from the drop down. The values range from strings to numbers. Here am not understanding how shall “set to clipboard” help me retrieve the values.

if i am missing out on something, then please let me know.

The set to clip board activity will get the value what ever is highlighted into computer memory and then using get from clipboard the value can be retrieved, the out will be always a string, you can convert to your required format after that.

Pavan H

Hello pavan,

tried Set to clip board but couldn’t retreive the values

In the image attached I have been able to highlight a value using keyboard keys or even if we just hover the mouse over the values, it gets highlighted.

did you tried OCR Method?