Extract a value from a dropdown using CV

Hi All,

Can someone help me extract a value in a dropdown below using CV package?

Tried everything and I’m becoming hopeless.


What if I want to select 102 which is not visible from the dropdown?


if we are not able to access being a image then we can try with send hot key activity with key as down
and use as much send hot key as needed to get to that value…or if you feel like it takes lot more than 10 send hot keys use WHILE loop with a counter and keep the send hot key within it with key down
–once after reaching the value use a final send hot key with key as enter that will select that value

Cheers @caduque

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the input but I don’t think that this method would work. What I look at the drop down is not a fixed value so the number of pressing down key would vary.

Then you can try one thing do screen scraping the drop down and then check if you value is exist in which row so like that you can find your value and then you find the row value index then you can pass that many times send hot key