Retrieving data from web to xlsx


I’m wondering if you can help me with following case:

I’m trying to get some data from web ( where - after searching a book by its ‘isbn’ value, I get only one record, so that I can’t use web scraping function (where at least two similar records are to be selected).

Can you please advise how can I copy author and book’s title from web to Data Table and exel sheet?

Thank you.

You can use Get Text activity instead. You just have to indicate elements of title and author fields. The output will be a string value of the extracted text

Why don’t you try data scrapping instead of web scrapping (or screen scrapping)?

If its always one search result, then you can go with Get Text activity and retrieve both author and book title. Once retrieved, Use AddDataRow activity to create a new row with retrieved data and add into the destination datatable and eventually into excel.

If its not always one search result, search for an item which has multiple results. Use Data Scrapping on that result.
If that doesn’t work, Use find children activity by referring to the search result container and retrieve and the results.