Restore a previous version of my saved uipath bot

I was updating two of my bots for about a week and finally finished. Then I got a pop up from my computer that I need to restart my computer for some updates. I made sure to save my bots then proceeded to restart.

Once I reopened my bots again, I realized they reverted back to a week ago. I saved multiple times in between then and now. Is there a way for me to get back all that lost progress?

Hello @lawrence.s.silva ,

Are you using any version controllers to keep your project, like GIT?

Usually, if you are saving your project in local it will be having the latest version only.

Meanwhile did you publish the package? If yes, you can view the version from the orchestrator and download it.

Thanks for your reply @Rahul_Unnikrishnan. I’m not using GIT and I didn’t publish the package. I just saved it.

Is there no other way to recover all my lost work?

If you lost your work, either you didn’t really save it, or you are opening the files from a different folder than where you were working before. Files don’t just revert when you reboot.

@lawrence.s.silva if you just saved it then we cannot switch to another versions.

Actually it should not happen to revert to old version without version controllers.

Also you can take a backup andtry to delete project.json file and reopen in studio.

If you are sure thay you saved the file during scripting, just try to.move to another machine and check whether you are able to see it.

All this will do is get it to recreate project.json - and probably incorrectly.

Its better to try all the possibilities than spending more time on recreating the entire workflow @postwick

project.json doesn’t store any of the workflow. It stores info about which dependencies you used, project settings, etc.

The workflow steps are stored in the .xaml files.

So I just got off a call with someone from my company’s UiPath support team.

Apparently when I started updating the bots, UiPath asked me to sign in and register my license.

After the companywide update, sign in was disabled for our tenant. So it seems all my changes were tied to my other account. Now that sign in was disabled, all my progress is lost. So even though I saved multiple times during the week, it reverted the projects back to before I signed in.