Http request status 200 but no results returned. Tried in postman but with results returned

Hi so i used the exact same settings from postman and put to uipath. In postman, i am able to receive results as shown in screenshot. but for uipath, although i get 200 status, my results is blank “”. Pls advise and help. thanks all!

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in HttpRequest activity -pls change the AcceptFormat as ‘JSON’ and try.

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Hi have changed but still result is blank altho status code is 200
Maybe it is a reference for you !

Still, it’s weird. I have tried other API and its usually working fine. (200 and results) yet, for this particular one, it gives me status 200 but empty result?? (I got a result in postman though)

Me too.I have met the same with you.It is only when I call one of the interfaces in Chaojiying Server,I get empty string by assigning variable right on the “res” position.So I think,there must be some bug internal this activity.