Resetting Orchestrator password while Tenant missing

Hi Everyone
I need to log back in orchestrator after a pause of a few weeks (5) - but here I am, having forgotten password and tenant name. I am not sure why there is no option for obtaining tenant names in an email in the first place.
I need to retrieve this. I have been around the forum and I saw several people having this problem and not being answered so I hope someone can help.
The most helpful message was: Forgot Tenant Name however, it did not work for me. I am not sure if the host is the machine name (found in UIPath Robot with its key) or something else. Using my email or the “admin” user did not help.
Is there a way to get help?
Anything appreciated
Thank you
Best Regards

This is an additional question:
Given I am using the community edition - what happens if I create another Tenant with the same email for my machine?

I finally managed to get my Tenant back after a several trial and errors based on the characters composition in my blurred memory… I wished this could be somewhat made easier.