Orchestrator CE - Forgot password not working

Hello Everyone,

I created orchestrator tenant account few days back and was trying to login again but it says “Invalid credentials”. I am sure that my credentials are correct. However when I try to use “Forgot Password” option, I don’t get any password reset mail to change my password as well. How do I resolve this issue?

I came across similar issue while signing up for certification as well. I guess there is some issue with login management across different platforms

And for Orchestrator, I don’t think it is recommended to use another mail Id and create another tenant. So can you please help me with this asap?


I have the same issue.

Hi @Selvasathappan

Tenant is valid for 7 days ,if you are not logged in with in 7 days it Wille expire again you should create with new tenant name

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Hi @lonutrao

I think you are tenant has expired.
If you are not logged in with in a week it will expire
Again you need to create new tenant.

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