Forgot Tenant Name

I forgot the tenant name which i used for registering the robot in Orchestrator. I know the username and password. How can i get the tenant name. is there any option to recover?


Login to System Administrator Account. If you haven’t changed the password, by default below are the details…
Tenant name: Host
Username or email: admin
Password: P@ssw0rd

i have same issue . and cloud not find any solution yet?

this is not working for me.can you explain your solution please .

Try this:

Tenant: host
Username: admin
Password: 3edcVFR$

If you submitted your userName and password without changing tenant name you will find it as follows

Tenant name: Default

But if you change the default value and want to know it you will need to have access to Uipath
I will show you the steps for getting the Tenant Name from Microsoft SQL Studio after connecting with Uipath dataBase as shown in screenshot.

SELECT [TenantId]
FROM [UiPath].[dbo].[UserAccounts] Where [UserName]=‘Your User Name’ Or [EmailAddress] =‘Your Email Address’

This will result a records that include your Tenant Id you will search for it in another table

FROM [UiPath].[dbo].[Tenants] Where [Id]=‘your obtained ID from previous Query’