"reset" license to deactivate on all machines - number of allowed activations exceeded

we have a studio-license for 3 machines in our company. I deactivated it on one machine and wanted to transfer it to a new machine, but I get the error “number of allowed activations exceeded”. I got a confirmation, that ist was dectivated on the old machine (I used regutil.exe).

I don’t know if the license was activated on an other machine by my colleagues, so my question is:
Can i “reset” the license key anyhow or deactivate it with one command for all machines and activate it on the three machines again? Or do I have to deactivate it on each machines separately before activating? What if it was activated on a machine I don’t know?
Thank you for your help!


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I guess there is no way to reset the license on all machines.
You have to deactivate the license on the machines where it is activated.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @mm1904,

Please contact the UiPath Sales for this one. They will help you unlock the Machine ID. Please see link below:

Hope this helps.
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Hi @mm1904, how are you?

I had the same problem and i was able to solve using this documenations below :slight_smile:


You need run the the deactivation in your machine and after that on-line.

Check and let me know if worked

~Diego Turati

Thank you for your answer.
I contactet UiPath and they answered me to delete the license file within the UiPath folder from %programdata% and then re-upload the license key.
I deleted the file, and then I was able to activate the studio.

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