Number of allowed activations exceeded

Installer(.exe or .msi): UiPathStudioSetup.exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): License code

Studio/Robot version: Studio

Current behavior: PC1 to PC2 license code error - number of allowed activations exceeded



see here:

You have Community Edition, why do you have to activate with a license code? @divya767402

I have enterprise edition 2018.4.4

I tried the command regutil.exe - deactivate in my PC1 but still it is throwing error as " Error #16: cannot deactivate license: error code: -4311, license status: 0 error description: SOAP Network receive error"

So, let’s take it step by step.

Are you trying to “move” the license from PC1 to PC2? And deactivate the license from PC1 in order to have it on PC2? I assume you have a Trial license which comes by default with 10 activations for your company/department.

Yes I am trying to move from PC1 to PC2. How do I deactivate the PC1 license ? I do not have a trial version. I have the enterprise version by paying $6000 for

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Got it, Divya!

If you run Regutil.exe help you will get the commands to deactivate for online and offline deactivation. What is the case in your environment?

This error “SOAP Network receive error” is because of firewall. Your network blocks the communication with our licensing server. Can you also try offline deactivation, please?


I tried regutil.exe help and got the below error. Please let me know how to proceed

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Fyi – I have uninstalled UiPath from PC1 and don’t have it in program files.

Also I have one more error while installing orchestrator in my machine … Please find below the screen shot

Kindly revert back ASAP or setup a call with an expert to resolve these issues.

The regutil command will work if you run it from the foilder containing it.
So you would have to perform the following:
install Studio again
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath
regutil.exe help
…and from here find the deactivate command for online or offline environment.

For the Orchestrator error i suggest you open a support ticket here: Contact Technical Support

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I am having the same issue, Even without using the trial code once, anywhere on any machine.
After completing the Uipath studio installation, when i try to update license in studio with the trial code i received for enterprise version just about a week ago, it says “no of allowed activations exceeded”. I am doing this activation online by generating the activation request from server and using the URL on another machine which has internet (3 step process). How can i get a valid Activation response that i can use for activating in studio. I have tried multiple trial codes from within my team.

@Deep_Gautam Have you solved this? My colleague is also encountering this [“no of allowed activations exceeded”], using an an actual user node license code. Any hint would be appreciated. Thanks!