Reset and Increment Counter

Hello Team,
Im trying to reset and increment a counter based on date,
eg: today date - 1/1/2021 - Counter increments as per record, for now consider counter is incremented to 10,
the next day i.e 2/1/2021 - the counter should reset to 0 and then start incrementing as per records.
Please guide,

Hi @msalesforce777 i am not understand with your query

Can u elaborate it please?

If today i ran the workflow and 5 records are processed so counter will be incremented to 5 which is initially set to 0,
but if i ran the workflow tomorrow and 10 records are processed then the counter should be set to 0 and then start incrementing

So as per the user input the value of counter will change?

Right @msalesforce777 ?

No, let me rephrase it,
Everyday the counter should be set to 0, even if the previous day counter value is xyz

so u can initialize counter variable every time at beginning of workflow with 0


in the variable section , put default value of counter as 0.

so it will resolve the issue @msalesforce777


Nived N

Happy Automation

Hello @msalesforce777 I would suggest you to maintain the file (say text file) to keep track of records.
give below a try
Test.xaml (8.0 KB)

@AkshaySandhu is there any way to change the output from what is above.

it currently outputs “1-yyyyMMdd”
i would like to have something like “test-yyyyMMdd-1”


Hello @adrian_sullivan kindly create a new post for your query/issue.