How to do not reset the counter

Hello i try to save the number of the counter but the reset the counter put in 0 automatically how i save the counter

could you explain ur requirement clearly?


If you are using Orchestrator then save it into Asset else write into any config file. Later you can read it and proceed further.

yes, i have a list of String that i have to range in a one secuence i start with a index = 0 in the if i increment to like this index = index + 1 but i have to move in other secuence and return to the secuence with the index but the index initialize in 0


So you have to then ensure that your second sequence is within your first sequence where you are looping through list of string.

Also remember to always use the index outside for each loop not within it.

List of string DummyList = assuming length 10

Assign -->` index = 0`
For `Item` in `DummyList` :  (For each activity also has a inbuilt index counter, you can use that instead of declaring your own. It also starts at zero index) 
    Some manopulation to `Item`
    Start Second sequence
    `index = index + 1`

This way your index will only increment after the second sequence has run and your index value will not reset to zero as your index value is not reset to zero everytime.

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