Increment the value of a Specific Item(Column) in Excel File and Add a counter after reaching to 10 and Reset after 24 hours

I have an excel file which contains Columns “i”,“Counter” and “Date”. I want to create a process which increments the counter to +1 and when the “Counter” of “i1” reaches to 10 it should assign the work to “i2” and so on.

Please suggest any working approach for this process.

Hi @zeshanm9,

You can achieve it with the variables. Initialize two variables as count and inspect (just assuming).

Count should be incremented as usual in the screenshot and in the if condition, if the count reaches the value 10, then again assign it to ‘0’ and increment the inspect variable to 2.

For resetting after 24 hours, you can use System.DateTime.Now().

It works for sure

Attached file is corrupted, Can you send zip file

In here the counter is not working and also i cannot reset the time i define the variables but still i am not able to increment the value or reset

@HareeshMR Do you check the flow and can you please suggest or make the changes?

Attaching the workflow New (11.0 KB)

Here i just tried to reset the counter to 0 when the time reaches 12 AM.

Hope this helps

Ok thanks @HareeshMR really appreciated

Unfortunately the logic is not working for the increment and reset the date and time