Validate if same day or new day when incrementing a counter

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I have a spreadsheet which has some values in


When I add a queue item which contains info about one of the departments, I increment the count by one for which ever department

How do I create code so that at the start of the day, it clears the counter values down so they are all zero, but if the process crashes during the day and restarts, the code recognises that it is the ‘same day’ and carries on to increment the count?

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Create a project with a workflow with the following steps:

  1. Read range from this excel file and store in a datatable(say DT1)
  2. Now for each row in data table, if (row.item(“Department”) IsNot Nothing) write row.item(“Count”) = 0
  3. After finishing for loop, write datatable to the same excel file using write range activity.

Publish this project to orchestrator and create a time based trigger(schedule) so that it runs once every day.

If you want to run it exactly at the start of everyday, then select “Daily” option in your trigger and give hours value as 0 and minutes value as 0 in the trigger

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Thanks for this @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu makes perfect sense :slight_smile:

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