Conditional Add Button in Data Grid

Hello all,
I am using a form and inside form there is a data grid. Inside data grid i have two number text field where user is supposed to enter input. I have two issues:

  1. I want to only show the “Add another” button in data grid only if Input A is less than input B.
  2. And if user enter Input B bigger than input A it should display an error below Input B box.

Since here min and max value is dynamic, Can someone help me with applying logic or JavaScript Code?


Sorry I didn’t get the code but my question is , I want to code in two places shown in picture.

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Check this out for more insights

Hope this helps

Cheers @tarangmehta1195

Hello @Palaniyappan I have tried it. Its seems this doesnt work inside data grid in UiPath form. Because logics is working good when it is outside data grid.

I just created a new post asking the same.

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