Reply Outlook Mail Messages with Selective attachments from directory based on row value in excel

HI Team,

I am trying to read excel file name from folder and match with predefined excel file column (if file name contains column content from predefined excel column), if match is found reply to outlook with excel file attached, and sender address to be selected based on matched file name. Only unread email to be selected and send multiple email reply over same email.
Have attached all sample files not able to understand where i am going wrong.

Below is detailed step.
1.Read 1 file from folder and match (C:\Users\Shivkumar.Atnure\Desktop\Flight Disruption - New\Reports\ASU\Non processed)
2.Match with column from ‘IATA’ C:\Users\Shivkumar.Atnure\Desktop\Flight Disruption - New\FLIGHT DISRUPTION EMAILS.xlsx
3.If match is found copy excel file and reply to email from folder “Schedule” if subject line contains XYZ and only for already read email
4.The sender address to be copied from “Email” column based on matched file name with “IATA” column.
5.Change content of body from email ( identify ABC from email body and replace with XYZ)
6.Do not include “RE” while replaying.
7.Do not include History in email body from whom the email is received before.
8.Repeat this activity until last file email folder.
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