Regarding reply back to same email which has attachment

Hello ,
My requirement is , from outlook I will read the excel. And from the excel I will copy data from one sheet to other. I want to reply back to same email where I read the excel , and attach the excel.
Can anyone help me out

@Elluru You can do this via the below steps,

1 Read the mail one by one using “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity
2 Use the Foreach activity,
3 Download the file “Save Email Attachments” and process the Excel activity and create a new file
4 Now you can use the “Reply To Outlook Mail Message” for the replay to mail.
4.1 In item collation you pass the path of save file

@Elluru Hope its sove your issue

@Elluru you can use reply to outlook mail message

Thanks , mukesh singh
Issue is solved

Thanks jadeja. Issue has solved

hi don’t forget to mark solution

Hello, In reply to outlook mail message activity I was able to reply back only one email with attachment but, I want every email to be replied back with respective attachment. Can anyone help me out

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