Read excel file name match with predefined excel sheet copy data from column paste in outlook and forward email


I’m trying to develop a workflow which read the file names (approx match) from the particular folder (dynamic file names) and should match each name against pre-defined file name list in [excel], if match is found then copy email ids from next row and paste in outlook (existing email from where files are downloaded to particular folder) and attach same excel sheet in email, change the body content with standard lines and send email. Please find below details

Names to be fetched from folder (Excel File names)
C:\Users\Shivkumar.Atnure\Desktop\Flight Disruption - New\Reports\ASU

Stan-dart Excel template contains all parent name (Names keep increasing periodically) , if name from excel template matches 100% with file name which contains excel template name then copy email from template and paste in existing outlook email.

For ex.

File name from particular folder

Standard template containing all email ids with name.

If any standard template name 100% matches with particular file name content than copy email id and paste in existing outlook email.FLIGHT DISRUPTION EMAILS.xlsx (32.6 KB) FZ021 - KTM1111N - UNIVERSAL TOURS & TRAVELS - KTM.xlsx (8.8 KB) FZ021 FZ022 FZ027 FZ028 FZ081 FZ082 - 07271504 - AL FANAR TRAVEL.xlsx (8.9 KB) FZ021 FZ027 FZ081 - 27300001 - RAS TRAVEL WING.xlsx (8.8 KB) FZ021 FZ028 FZ081 FZ082 - 71200614 - ALTAYYAR TRAVEL CENTRE RIYADH.xlsx (8.8 KB) FZ021 FZ081 - 95006713 - SATGURU TRAVEL & TOURS SERVICES LIMITED.xlsx (8.8 KB)