Replace Placeholders by column Header


I have 2 sheets in a excel, one is a data table having around 7 columns as given below

In Other sheet, I have configuration where i need to replace place holders with column header

For Example:

Here <> need to be replaced with column name,

Any regular expression for this?


If you want to replace <> use replace like vaar1.toString.Replace("<>",header)
no need to use REGEX


If you observe << GEID >> - row(“GEID”),
so << replace with row(" and >> replace with "). If i use replace, this is coming as string in the output like row(“GEID”) and not getting value from the Data Table

then do one thing use assign activity inside that you fill the data and pass that variable inside your data and then use replace method simple

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I haven’t tried your solution yet, I will check.
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