Data table replace

I have one Excel Data Table, There i have some Items like A & D Services and Paul’s Service
Here i have to replace & by & and ’ by &ampos; and write it to excel again
Can any one suggest me ho to do?

You need to loop through the data and get the value as string . Then replace the data as required and then use write cell activity based on the output index of the for each row @jyothi_M.B

Yes I have used but its not working, its replacing the header value

Can you post the screenshots of your workflow?

For Each Row
Assign row.Item(“ColumnName”)=row.Item(“ColumnName”).ToString.Replace(“and”,"&").Replace("’","&ampos;")

Workbook Write Range

Instead or row.item(0), use row(“column name”).tostring @jyothi_M.B

No its not working its replacing the column heading with the results

Yeah got it.

For each row activity has the property to give the output index of the row @jyothi_M.B. So declare a variable in that and in the write cell activity, provide the range as “A” + outIndex.tostring

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