Replace data in excel with existing data

In excel sheet one column must contain 8 digit if less then this then add zero zero before
eg 123456 replace with 00123456
I have done this no

w I am replacing with existing value how can I achieve this I am using write cell.


Follow these steps to achieve the required output.

  1. Read Range Activity to read the entire column. For example if you want to read column A, In the read range set the address to “A:A” . The output will be saved to a datatable.

Default value of Count = 0. If headers are present, set default value of counter to 1.

  1. For Each row in DataTable
    Count = Count + 1
    StrValue = row(0).ToString.PadLeft(8, ‘0’)
    Write Cell Activity, set value to StrValue and address to “A” + Count.ToString

Karthik Byggari



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