Replace empty column in excel

Hello guys, do u know how to replace empty column in excel? i use read range activity
the empty column here is unit


What exactly u mean by replace? Replace with what?

The output “Column1” there i want to replace with string like " " or “No Unit”

Hi @Aluneth_X

There are two ways to do that.

  1. Using excel itself

  2. Using a data table

  3. In excel

Within a loop, do a read cell activity to check whether there is any data in that particular cell. If not, use a write cell to replace it with the value you need.

  1. Datatable
    Use a read range to read the data to a datatable. Then within a for each row loop, do the same condition ad above. Use a if condition to test whether you have a value in the column rows. If not replace it with the value you need. Then do a write range to write back the data to excel.

Checking whether it has a value, you can use this code

If activity
Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Row("ColumnName").ToString)

Assigning a value
Row(“ColumnName”) = “your value”

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Good morning Aluneth,

If you’re trying to update the entire column at once, you can accomplish this using Expressions (similar to Excel formulas).

Check out this link for an example: Updating all rows of a column together