How to update certain word in excel


automation generating data like below.

need to replce cell value which contains “column1” or “column2” or “column3” or “column4” with “No data” from table column b -d and column f-h.
how can i achieve this.

@Mathkar_kunal the excel file using read range activity
use for each row in datatable activity
inside use assign activity

currentrow(“ColumnNmae”)=“NO data”

repeat this process for all the columns

outside of for each row in datatable

use write range activity


Hello @Mathkar_kunal

  1. Use “Excel Application Scope” to open the Excel file.
  2. Read the data into a DataTable.
  3. Iterate through the DataTable, checking specified columns for values like “column1,” “column2,” etc.
  4. If found, replace the cell value with “No data.”
  5. Write the modified DataTable back to the Excel sheet using “Excel Write Range.”

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @Mathkar_kunal ,
You can read range to get data table
use for each row in data table
if row.tostring contain “column1” or “column2” or “column3” or “column4”
write cell blank value “”
can you share file? I will test it

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Use the Find\Replace activity which used to replace the values of “column1” or “column2” or “column3” or “column4” with “No data”.

→ In Operation field select the Replace all option.
→ Where to search give the range of the excel.
→ In the Value to find field give the value to replace.
→ Replace with field give the No data value.

Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

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