Writing value into same Excel row after certain activities

hi ,

I have an excel file with multiple columns and rows. I am trying to replace the row value after the click activity From “incomplete” to “completed”. how do i update it ? . For example

In columns “A” rows 15 “Somevalue” . then i want to replace “incomplete” value to "completed in same rows but in different columns say in “K” rows 15.

there could be up to 10000 rows in excel file.

Kindly guide me through. Thanks

Hello @phyomt,
There are two possible ways to update the status column while complete the process.

1 . Update in DataTable
Use Assign activity to update the column in the DataTable.
Like image

At last, export your DataTable to your local.
But method is not Appreciated. Because this method will update the value only in DataTable(UiPath Memory). In case any problem occur in the machine while running the bot, the whole data was erased.

  1. Update in Excel
    Use Write Cell Activity to Update the value into Excel File.

Use this “K”+(dt1.Rows.IndexOf(row)+2).ToString.

My suggestion is to use Method no.2

Poovarasan Gunasekaran