Repeating actions while an exception is present?

Hello! I am working on a workflow that downloads files from a website. I am using the click activity to select the “Save As” option but I often get an error (SelectorNotFoundException) because the click activity does not always click the save dropdown : image (yes I have simulate click off). I put this in a try catch and that usually solves the issue, but sometimes the same error occurs even in the catch.

Is there a way I can get uipath to repeat the following activities while the SelectorNotFoundException is present? (I don’t think try catch and repeat these actions and I don’t think the Retry Scope activity will work…)

Please let me know if you require clarification!

Edit: I have also tried the GlobalHandler but it kept repeating the “Click Save As” activity when I wanted it to repeat the “Click Save dropdown” activity.

What about Retry Scope activity?


Can you do that with an exception? As in, can you put the exception in the condition? Because I wasn’t sure how to do it since the Condition in the Retry scope seems to only take element exists.

Condition could contain any “conditional kind” activity like “xxx Exists” (e.g. Image Exists) or “Is xxxx” (e.g. Is True).

Search forum for more info or download the example.