Issue in retry Scope

I need to retry a particular action in about 2 mins by using retry scope…When I use Retry Scope an action must be performed until a condition is met…
In Property panel of Retry Scope, I have given number of retries : 25000
and time interval as 00:00:05
Then also its showing selector error for my click activity in action as its not finding the element…
Kindly anyone please help me…

@rifnanahas Were you able to identify the selectors while capturing Ui Element? Is it changing every time?

selector is validating at every time , and there is no issue in selector

@rifnanahas Can you post the screen shots of the code and the screen you validate?

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@rifnanahas It just shows the selector. I was asking for the screen you capture and the code.

how many number of retries are possible in retry scope activity in uipath…when I give it as 20, its not working…

@rifnanahas There is no limit as such. It should retry as long as the condition is met.

Did it work for other numbers ?

But its not working…When I give a delay in my action section of retry scope its working

Not it doesn’t work for any other number…It only works for 3 as number of retries and retry interval is working only for 00:00:03

@rifnanahas Can you post a screenshot of the code in action and condition retry scope activity.?

@rifnanahas Basically, if the click action is not happening due to the absence of element, it will retry. If it has clicked in any of the attempt, it will not retry as many times as mentioned.

I am trying to understand at least once in any of the attempt if it has clicked it or not ?

its showing selector is not found

@rifnanahas It means that the retry scope has checked for that selector but the element was not there to click.

Check the selector or the element if it appearing.

yes…it work in sometimes…when it need more than 3 retries, its not working at that time even though I give number of retries = 10 or any other number other than 3

@rifnanahas I dont think it is anything to do with the number of retries. If it finds the element to click, it clicks. Else, it retries until the number of retry mentioned.

It takes time in some situation where the element comes to the screen. there will be difference in time in some situations…when it takes less than few seconds, it works well…when it takes more than certain time it fails to work… i think only 3 retries are working

is there any solution for this

Could you tell me exactly what you are trying to do in this scope? Are you using the retry scope to click the element when it appears? If so, you should try using the “On Element Appear” activity. Be sure to set it’s “Repeat Forever” property to False.


I would sugest that you use find element, than a while loop, inside add a delay of 00:00:05, and check if the element has been found, if it is than end the loop, if not a it will play the delay of 00:00:05, until element is found.

Also, make sure that the selector of the element is correct !

Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile: