How i use the try catch when i want to repeat the activity

i want the repeat the activity 3 times but the activity stay in loop my condition is if (index.Equals(3)) but i dont know how to repat the activity that i dont want if is false dont repet the correct activity

have a check on using retry scope as it will repeat on exception
or let loop it e.g. with repeat number of times activity and stop it when it was successfully


Can you please explain more about your requirement.

Correct me if I am wrong.

  • If the error does not occur then it should not repeat the activity.
  • if the error occurs then it should try again (it should only retry 3 times if the error occurs)

Yeah that’s right


You can try this



Replace the Comment activity with the sequence of activities you want to perform

Repeat 3 Times on Error.xaml (9.7 KB)

You don’t use Try/Catch to repeat things. You use While or Do While.

if i want to put an activity throw in the part of exception it going to work ?

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