Repeat the open browser sequence

i have a squence but i want to repeat the open browser squence but i cant help me on this…

can please tell us whats your issue what you want to loop??

i have two userId and password first userid work i completed , i want to repeat this work and i want to put 2nd userid and password …

is your password and Id is in excel?

yes …

do you want to logout after first username and password?

  1. Use Read Range and get output like outDt
  2. Use For Each Row and pass outDt
  3. inside For Each Row use Open Browser and use Type Into to populate UserID’s and Password!

cheers @Shabby03

i was completed first squence i want 2 repeat first squence but in first squence i want to put 2nd user id … the process is all same , i want change userid and password…

yes buddy
in type into use this row(“yourUserIDColumnName”).ToString
and another type into row(“yourPasswordColumnName”).ToString