Open the browser using excel sheet

I want to open the browser and login using excel sheet data.
I have the user name, password and URL in a excel sheet.
Can some one help me out


Yah that’s possible
—use excel application scope and pass the file path of the excel as input
—inside the scope use read range activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt
—now use a for each row activity and pass the above variable as input and
—inside the loop use OPEN BROWSER activity and mention the url as row(“URLcolumnnane”).ToString
—like wise inside the open browser use TYPE INTO activity and mention the username as
And password with another type into activity as

And enable simulate type in type into activity and of click activity is used enable simulate click and
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or w
Cheers @vivek_sivam


I think i’m doing wrong, Can you please correct me.
I have attached my work flow

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Yah with for each row activity mention the input as the variable that we obtain from read range activity
Then inside this for each row activity use another activity named OPEN BROWSER where we can mention the url as row(“columnname”).ToString
Cheers @vivek_sivam

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Hi @vivek_sivam

I have created workflow based on your requirement please find below attached zip file run and check you will get the solution. (42.5 KB)

Kommi Jeevan.

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Please find below screen shot.

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@Palaniyappan and @kommijeevan
Thanks for your quick response
I have attached my work flow fine can you please correct my mistakes
Thanksexcel.xaml (11.3 KB)

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Hi @kommijeevan
I have update the work flow which one you shared at the time of running i’m getting below error message
Can you please check and let me know

First unzip and then open and run.
Verify excel file(sample.xlsx) Name column contain URL or not in open browser pass out_Config(“URL”).toString

Is it working fine @vivek_sivam

Hi @kommijeevan
I have do the following changes from your work flow file

  1. update the website URl
    2.File name
    Does the Excel file also located in same location or different location.
    I have used the updated file name in Excel application scope aslo.
    I’m getting below error.

you have to save in same location only remaining things are correct.

Hi @kommijeevan
I have saved the excel file in same location. Still i’m getting above error message.
And also It open the browser for your URl only not mine
Can you please let me know what went wrong

in open browser activity Change the property type of browser.

Hi @kommijeevan
Could you please let me know what should i need to change
Right now it have “BrowserType.Firefox”

you change browse type chrome to firefox.


Good to hear @vivek_sivam .
If you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

Hi @pattyricarte
I have store the credential like below in excel sheet
Now i can able to login yahoo, But i want login twitter also. Once i login and logout from the yahoo after login into twitter websites in a single work flow

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Hi it’s weird i cannot see my replies here and also this topic is solved am i right ? @vivek_sivam

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley: