Renewing Orchestrator License

Hi, We have renewed our orchestrator license. But while we are trying to update it in the orchestrator we are encountering an error that says "
License update failed, you have more Development licenses assigned to your tenants than the license limit! (#1918)"
Even our development license is equal to the allocated development license in our tenants. Can you help me with this? I tried to reach UI Path support but i haven’t got a response. We need to solve it today as the license will expire tomorrow

Hi @altheanicoletorno

did we check this part and is the allocation done as per this doc



Check have you allocated more licenses?

Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hi, Yes. We double-check it and we are allocating the license correctly

Hi, no. We have 2 dev license and we double-check the number of allocated dev license in our tenants is also 2


Is the 2 license is per tenant or 1 per tenant?


1 per tenant

Which Orchestrator service are you using? [Community Cloud, Enterprise Cloud, Private Orchestrator] and what version of Orchestrator?