How to Renew or update On-Premise Orchestrator license

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My company already bought new UiPath Orchestrator license for next year. And the current license is already expired. The current Orchestrator version is 2020.4.4 and I don’t know how to renew or update the license. There is only button to remove the existing license in “License setting” and I am too afraid click that button because I don’t know what happen if I try to click it. Please help me how to solve this problem.


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Thanks for your reply. Actually I have seen that post, but the post owner seems not sure about what really happen with the license. Is it really that the license is automaticaly renewed after the due date was over, or there is any technical step to do before it?. Because my company gives me a license code to entry and I don’t know where to submit it.

Hi @wahid_rochman

Are you a system administrator? If yes, you could do it.


It looks like you are logged into a Tenant where the existing license is applied to the HOST. Log out of the Tenant and when logging in again, ensure you are putting in HOST as the tenant, by default an Admin credential is set at installation for both HOST Tenant and Default Tenant, while they can be the same, they are not the same profile.

*Note, UI might be slightly different as we are still on Orchestrator 2020.10



Tenant License View

Host License View

You can apply a license at a Tenant or Host level both have their pros and cons but mainly if you have one license with all your grants, you can allocate licenses to 1 or more tenants and easily balance them as you see fit. If you apply the license directly to the tenant, it cannot be shared with other tenants.

I’ll also note that if you renewed license has less grants than the expired license, you’ll have to deallocate before renewing the license, but if it is the same license, you can simply Update if you have an active Internet connection, otherwise you’ll have to briefly remove the expired license and add the new one.

Thanks @codemonkee for your help. My partner already update the license using this method.

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