Unable to renew license from today

Hi, I’m unable to renew my Community license through the Orchestrator. Even when deleting old machine(s) and then creating a new machine to delegate to connect to a license from Orchestrator and the Robot from the client, is this a known issue as of right now?.. See attached window for more information.

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Hi @Gakinchi

Could you show us how do the licenses assigned to that instance look like in your cloud account?

Hi, I have the same issue, that’s happened after today’s update. Please help us

Atm. grocery shopping, will provide you the info once I’m done… :joy:

And yes, I believe yhis happened after the latest update… Platform landing page seems to be changed so I was suspecting it was related to begin with…


mine just looking like this after update:

Please go in cloud portal and check (and also please share with us)

and Services Section.

You can DM me if you don`t want to share on forum.

If you’re still running into issues, can you please go to your service in portal and reallocate your licenses?

This could mean that you aren’t taking the full advantage of the 5 licenses we started giving in community 6 months ago.




Thanks for the quick response @Carlos_Restrepo

can you also post the Licensing page from Orchestrator ? (top area is needed - where license allocation is visible)

Thx a lot bro, that´s working 4 me!! Have a Nice Day!! "@bcorrea (If u have problems doing this let me know) "


Thx, we must tu updating our license number. Now i’m working normally.PLease check this https://docs.uipath.com/cloudplatform/docs/distributing-your-licenses#section-allocating-licenses-to-a-service


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