Rename File from xlsm to xlsx

Hi I have a xlsm file in which after modification and adding some data I need to rename the file with the extension xlsx.
But if I am using rename file option it is renaming the file but while opening the file it is showing that the file is corrupt.
Can anyone suggest how to do it??


Please use save excel file as activity


Hi @Kunal_Jain

By changing the file name the xlsx file will not change to xlsm file.
You have to change the extension of the file. Use the “save excel file” as activity in the save as type option in the dropdown select the .xlsm. check the below image for more clarification.
MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

Hope it helps!!

hi @Kunal_Jain

You cannot directly change the file extension using rename functionality, that would definitely make the file corrupted.

You would have to use Save Excel File as, and in there you have to select the format to do this.

If it has only 2-3 sheets that you want to use,
Create a new excel file:
by Reading the sheets from .xlsm file and using write range in the .xlsx file to insert the datatables read.

Happy Automation! :smiley:

In which package we will find this activity??


This is in excel activities itself…modern excel activities…attached the link for your reference


HI @Kunal_Jain

You will find these activities under the Package UiPath.Excel.Activities.
Hope it helps!!

Well I am not using Modern Design Experience

Then you can try searching for a package called as UiPath.ComplexScenarios.Activities

Its from UiPath itself.


Even then you can use modern activities

Activities → filter icon → show modern