How to rename an Excel file while using "Move file" activity in StudioX?

I’m not familiar with coding, so there´s some difficulties in trying to find out how to rename an Excel-file while I´m moving it from one folder to another. What command-string etc should I use? Is “Move file” the right activity to do this?

The Move File activity will work for this. If you only want to move it, specify the path of the file in the Source field, and where you want to move it in the Destination field.

Thanx, but I would also like to rename it so, that the file name would be extended with current date

If Filename is the name of the file without the extension, you could extend it with something like Filename + "_" + Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd") + ".xlsx". I’m assuming in this case that it’s an Excel file, but this can be modified.

Ok, where should I copy-paste that in my “code”:

string.Format("{0}\Dropbox\Automations\2020\Strategic\Planner backups\Automated backups", Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.UserProfile))

The destination folder is “Automated Backups” and thats where I would like to move it with new name

I tried to put it after last slash, but got an error message