Removing the table field that appears when we use table field on taxonomy

Hello community, I was using tables on taxonomy to extract the data from a pdf …i wrote the data on a json file using write text activity but what i noticed was an extra field got appeared out of no where . So how can i remove it…any suggestions…am pinging the ss for the same

Hello @mehtah,

The ‘item’ isn’t an additional field, it is simply the data type of your table items. You will need to have a table to include all the different datatypes within a taxonomy.

In example, ‘item’ is the table of values that you want to extract, within ‘item’ you have ‘Item’ being the row number and other values such as ‘GTIN’, ‘TPND’ and ‘Product Description’. If you check your taxonomy you should see it as well but simple as the table.

I wouldn’t recommend deleting it as it is where all your pdf table values willl be stored.



@Cameron_McMahon1 but we need to remove that table field. Are you sure there is no way we can delete it? please help

Hi @mehtah - Try this the below exp in invoke code activity


Reference code - (4.1 KB)


my data is present in the “json” variable …can you please tell me how to write this line that you mentioned. Am beginner in uipath.

@mehtah _ Try keeping the invoke code activity after Desearilize Json Array. Within the invoke code instead of json make sure you place the output variable of Desearilize Json Array activity


→ is the reason of using Desearilize JSON Array activity is your json data in array format? If not, then use Deserialize JSON activity
→ Then, keep the invoke code activity after Deserialize JSON activity and pass the output of Deserialize JSON activity into invoke code
→ Also, make sure you pass the arguments in the invoke code

*** Please refer to above attached workflow for better understanding ***

Note: If you make any changes in the code make sure you take back up first


am close but getting this error

@mehtah - Is it possible to share your workflow and the related json

Hi @mehtah ,

Could you let us know the reason for converting the extraction data to json ?

As we can see, you are able to get the Datatable from data_set.Tables(0).

Have you used this value to write to a Excel Sheet using Write Range Activity ?

Let us know if you have already done it and mention/show what was wrong in that output sheet.