In the invoice extraction,


Pdf Contain:

  1. Bill To
    2.Ship To

Pdf Table Contain


And i don’t want the Item Column

I need a output like this

It is required another sheet to extract the table alone we can’t get the values and also table in one sheet
we can get table in one sheet and values in another sheet

Hi @krishnapriya_Anu

In Dataset.Tables(0) contains the header fields means Bill To, Ship To, PoNo, Date

The Line items means the table in the voice is stored in index of 2, Dataset.Tables(2)

Dataset.Tables(0) → which contains the header fields.
Dataset.Tables(1) → which contains the line items called table in the invoice.

Hope it helps!!

hi @krishnapriya_Anu

replace the first merge datatable use for this in that place

leftside place CurrentRow.Item(“yourColumnName”)

repeat the steps for as per your column names

Hi @krishnapriya_Anu ,

The best thing is to remove this column before writing the output excel file. To do you can use Remove Data Row/Column activity before write range, in which you can mention column name ‘item’ and in datatable field you can mention dtoutput.


this id correct ? Merger Data Table

hi @krishnapriya_Anu


this is Correct for ship to

hi @krishnapriya_Anu

But if i give this table(0).rows(0)

Ship is Empty

hi @krishnapriya

can you place a log message or message box below assign activity
check this once the data is present in that or not

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