Taxonomy "Table" (Type) Issues


I am having/facing issues with Taxonomy Manager table Type. Using Google Cloud Vision OCR, I am able to extract most of the fields from my claim form. Only Table related structure is not working. I.e after confirming the value in the present validation station , when I write table to the excel field it is writing as “Table” against the column. Here is the step by step screen shot:

Taxonomy Manager

From the above screen shot, you can see I have create a field called Test with type as “Table” and created one column as “Charges”.

Data Extraction Scope - Intelligent Form Extractor

From the above screenshot , you can see I have selected the column values for my table.

Present Validation Station (While Running)

From the above screen shot, you can see that my table data has been captured perfectly in the Validation station . In this stage, i am selecting all the check boxes and confirming my changes.

Output Report


You can see, in the Column Header “Test”, it just wrote “Table” where as all the other fields are captured correctly.

Is this a bug? or am I missing something here? @loginerror @Ioana_Gligan

@prasath17 Can you also show us the method that you have used to write the Output to the Excel?

@supermanPunch . . I am have “Build data table” activity for each column values…

So, have you already used/tried the table type and is it working for you?

@prasath17 I don’t think the Build Data Table is of use here, you would need to get the Table data output from the extraction result of the Present Validation Station. Then Export the result to Dataset, That is why I wanted to check what method you have applied to write the Output? :sweat_smile:

Those are already included in the steps…please read my post again before commenting…I clearly said i am able to capture all other data


In the Export Extraction Results output, you have a dataset - let’s say myDS. This dataset will contain a table called “Test” (the NAME of your Table field), that contains all your data :slight_smile:

To make sure you view all your data from the myDS, I strongly recommend that you first just foreach myTbl over the myDS.Tables, and write them using WriteRange into an excel file. (make sure to use myTbl.TableName as name of the sheet, so you will see the naming convention as well).

Hope this helps,


Thanks @Ioana_Gligan for the suggestion. I used that option when i started this workflow , later I changed it to datatable since I was trying with multiple files.

Yes, it is writing the “charges” now. Report.xlsx (9.0 KB) . Here is the output report.

How do I write the same values using datatable in one cell. This is my output using the datatable Report-UsingDT.xlsx (7.7 KB) . Suggestion please?

@Ioana_Gligan - Any suggestion(s)?

Update: is it possible write the output as JSON File? If so, could you please let me know how? @loginerror @Ioana_Gligan

I found the solution to two of the problems:

  1. Writing table structure using Document Processing approach. Thing is, it will write the table type in a different sheet as shown below. I had to move them to the Master sheet.

  1. After making the sheet moves, I will read that as data table and then convert that DT to JSON file. I will be making a video on this soon.


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