Removing pop-up boxes from UiPath Chrome browser

I am finding that most of the time when the bot breaks is when I receive a pop-up notification from UiPath (see image), as it is supposed to click on a button behind the pop-up and ends up clicking the pop-up and opening the article.

Does anyone know how to disable this function?


Hi @amychh
Did u enable notifications from UiPath? If u did, try disabling it.

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This is what I see, and I couldn’t find an enable/disable function in any of the options. Would it be in the ‘Options’ menu? It is grayed out for me.



Welcome to the uipath community.

This is for instllation of chrome extension to allow BOT to identify elements in chrome browser.

You enabled notifications from Uipath site and that’s why you are getting this notifications. For this either you have to disable notifications from Uipath as @sawaseem said or you have to check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage options for those activities to continue working without fail.

Thank you! I ended up disabling it from the System rather than Chrome (I think it is my company settings that have grayed out the option)

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