Edge Browser Popup With "Uipath Started Debugging This Browser" | How To Turn Off

Hi All,

Just noticed this popup "UiPath Started Debugging this Browser ".
How to turn off ?

Thanks, Mike.

Seems something related to your application configuration. Is it a work laptop?

Try lied updating edge and reinstall the extension?

I just tried, it is not showing any such pop-up.

Hi, no regular desktop.
Ive tried removing / reinstalling the extension, hers a pic.
EDIT, flows working fine but everytime this popup appears…
Screenshot 2021-10-19 193034

Bumping this as ive remove extension from edge and reinstalled several times but still getting the popup.
Any help appreciated.

I am facing the same issue and wonder what is going on.
It does not seem to affect the working of the RPA, but still.
If anybody has any idea, I would like to learn more on what is behind this.

Thank you,

Agreed its not effecting any work but as you can see I asked this over a month ago.
Maybe its supposed to be like that … ?


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It happens with extension in chrome which is know issue with certain version of chrome/edge
I have faced it but I believe it won’t impact the bot performance by any means

Cheers @MikeC

“UiPath Web Automation 21.10 started debugging this browser"

I am facing the same issue and it makes my system not move further since my system will open a new tab within the system… this message hinders to move further.

I noticed it 6 weeks ago but like others its not giving any problems…
I think you have other issues, perhaps create a small test with Chrome etc and see if it still gives an error ?

Hello Mike,

Found that if I use “Use Application/Browser” to open Chrome, then it will show that debugging message.

Yesterday night, I tried to use simple CLASSIC one to open Browser, select the fields, type into with string, click the buttons (but no anchor is required). Then all are fine.

I don’t understand why “Use Application/Browser” would show this debugging message.

Hi Raymond,

Im thinking its not a bug but just an unnecessary popup, im sure the devs are aware but as its not causing any issues its probably not in their top 100 todo list.



Today, I applied “Use Application/Browser” and changed the input method from Chromium API to Keyboard. The pop up with the debugging message was not shown. Please try.

I tried several times. Seems it works.